👋 Hi, I'm Abby. Welcome to my website!

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan studying computer science and business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Passionate about human-centered design, social impact, education equity, and mental health awareness.


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In the News


Digital Marketing: A Quantitative Analysis of Local Restaurant Websites

Individual Research Project (AP Research - AP Capstone Diploma)

Evaluates 35 local restaurants in an objective manner to study the hypothesis that numerical correlation between local restaurant public star-ranking and website quality. Uses Google Sheets and Google Lighthouse to analyze data based on the Web Assessment Index. Discusses implications of results for customers, restaurant owners, and web designers.

Junior Academy Team Innovation Challenge

1st Place: Sustainable Chain of Transportation

Researched and designed an environmentally-friendly Lithium-air battery, vehicle, app, and policies to match specific transportation needs with the most efficient solutions, reducing the carbon footprint. Presented to sponsors (the IVA and Volvo Group) and to the public at the Global STEM Alliance Summit.

Current Work & Goals

What I'm Doing

  • Co-creating a changemaker guidebook for youth all around the world
  • Assisting research at ORBIT Labs, encouraging intercultural collaborations
  • Discovering data-driven solutions as a consultant at MECC Consulting Group
  • Designing cool web projects at The Michigan Daily

What I'm Exploring

  • The future of technology in business, healthcare, and education
  • Education and work in the extended reality worlds
  • Human-centered user experience design in business development
  • The psychology behind marketing and social media