šŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Abby! Welcome to my website!

Iā€™m currently a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying business administration and design. Much of my work lies in educational outreach and female empowerment. Outside of this, I'm a huge ice cream and waffle aficionado.

What I'm currently doing:

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šŸ’” Research Projects

Junior Academy Team Innovation Challenge

1st Place: Sustainable Chain of Transportation

Researched and designed an environmentally-friendly Lithium-air battery, vehicle, app, and policies to match specific transportation needs with the most efficient solutions, reducing the carbon footprint. Presented to sponsors (the IVA and Volvo Group) and to the public at the Global STEM Alliance Summit.

Final Solution

Digital Marketing Research

AP Research (AP Capstone Diploma)

Completed research involving websites, digital marketing, and the community. Used Google Sheets and Google Lighthouse to analyze 35 local restaurant websites in relation to user-reviewed ratings. Discussed implications of results for customers, business owners, and web designers.

Research Paper

šŸ’» Tech Projects


1st Place @ MIT Blueprint

Composty is a web application that promotes sustainability amongst youths through an interactive FAQ accordion and Javascript drag-and-drog game that teaches children on what items can and cannot be composted.

Uplift Web App

TechTogether New York (Won Best EdTech Hack)

Uplift is a web app that educates users about the importance about mental health, providing a personalized randomizer for self-care activities and resources.

Kode with Klossy &branch App

iOS Mobile App Dev Scholarship

&branch is a service tracker MVP built with Swift, XCode (UIKit), GitHub, Figma. The app saves reflections in a database and uses hour-tracking gamification to encourage volunteerism.

Hush Mobile App

Technovation (Team App Dev + Innovation Challenge)

Hush is an Android app for stress-relief. Its submenus include journaling, exercise, meditation/music, yoga, and hotlines. Combined with a comprehensive business plan, this project was awarded Global Semifinalist (representing USA).

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